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At Smart Light Systems we are aware of the constant surges in electricity surcharge and the impact this has on energy bills. For this reason, through a locally-based production team, Smart Light Systems stays continuously on top of the latest technological advancements and achievements in order to propose solutions that reduce costs and energy emissions. The Smart Light Systems product range can be utilised in homes, offices, hotels and industrial environments as well as on roads and in outdoor spaces, saving up to 99% on electricity consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. 

Light up your life without emptying your pockets OR Think personal – Smart Light Systems offers you an array of lighting ideas and solutions for the interior design of your home. Our wide selection of locally produced LEDs can be used to light up any kitchen, study, corridor or back garden, and the range of warm and bright colours are specifically designed to create the right look and ambiance.

Effective display functions – Another important property of the Smart Light Systems LED device is that it is a cold light source. This renders it a far more attractive option for display purposes than conventional lighting, since it does not affect the products being displayed through any generated heat. Known as the ‘cool touch’ technology, this characteristic makes LEDs the ideal light source to insert in display cabinets and cases, kitchens and storage areas – and recently in aquariums – to ensure that the quality of the products is preserved.

Think larger scale – Commercial premises and industrial environments can greatly benefit from converting their lighting system to Smart Light Systems LED sources. A hefty chunk of the operational costs of large scale businesses always boils down to electricity surcharge. Smart Light Systems equips various establishments such as hotels, factories, banks, retail outlets, cinemas, churches and public spaces with the right lighting systems for the long term, reducing electricity consumption by up to 99% of the rate at which conventional lighting is charged.

Smart Light Systems LEDs can potentially reduce your company's CO2 emissions by 99% & your electricity consumption by another 99%, saving you over 89% on expenses!


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